In addition to rumors, Google helps users find apartments, commercial buildings, for-sale or rental housing, land, or other types of real estate anywhere in the world (covering almost all major cities). Search service has started. Simply enter the name of the area and click the Get Property List button to see a large my4walls list of recent properties in the desired location. This is, of course, a free service and sounds like a big blow to real estate portals that can cause traffic loss. That would certainly affect some of them, but it’s not really disastrous for real estate portals as Google puts the link at the bottom of the list, which means the site will eventually get credit. increase. And of course, visitors. All Google has done is provide a platform that allows online users to see all the properties available in one place, such as Google Image Search and Google Video Search. After all, Big G is a search engine and obviously has no plans to move to a real estate portal. After all, Google Real Estate is just a list of custom search engines.
This new Google service utilizes Google Maps to show nearby schools, parks, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls and more. The new service underscores the importance of the Internet as the fastest growing medium for buying and selling real estate. Online real estate portals are now widely used by professionals and investors to buy and sell real estate. Many real estate portals allow agents and sellers to upload photos and videos of their properties, allowing buyers to make more informed decisions instantly. Increasing the number of real estate portals (and now Google) means fewer people will need a real estate agent in the future. If necessary, it will serve some professional purposes. The need to start your personal website is now greater than ever for realtors and other such professionals. You can grow your business by adapting to new technologies. Being in Google’s excellent books means an endless stream of potential customers. More suffering than any other stakeholder is print media, and if you can list your property for free with images and videos to increase your sales opportunities, you have to pay for these newspapers. It will not be.